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Where To Shoot?

Feb 25, 2011, 11:34 AM EDT

3GNN-Where To Shoot

One of most frequent questions we get from people watching the show is “How can I start shooting 3-gun?” With top pros seen on TV using tons of gear, flying through stages of fire, it can certainly look intimidating. But, at one time, even the very best of the top pros on the 3GN Tour began from the same modest beginnings, most likely with a first trip to the local range.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has a great resource available, at Here, those interested in getting started in any segment of the shooting sports can use the NSSF search engine to find a local club or range anywhere in the United States and even Canada.

As one who covers the firearm industry professionally, I figured I had a good handle on every club and range local to me. But I was wrong. One quick search at, and I found a brand new five-star, 100-yard indoor range about 45 minutes from my house complete with paintball arena, training courses and even a “Date Night” for couples. How cool is that?

So if you’ve been thinking you want to take up 3-gun, pistol shooting, sporting clays-anything that will have you putting rounds downrange, checkout the NSSF’s and find a club or range near you.