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What Do Deer Eat?

Jun 20, 2011, 10:00 AM EDT

Deer Eating Pie

I’m often asked what do deer eat?  Well they eat a lot of things depending on where they live at really.  You’ll see them eat everything from crops, nuts, grasses, etc etc.   They really do have a wide range of diets as I said depending on where they call home and the home range of a whitetail deer is pretty diverse from rugged country to urban settings.

Speaking of home, I’ve got a home where a few deer live that is in a very urban setting.  In fact I live only about 10 minutes from a major metropolitan area and I’m less than 15 minutes to downtown hustle and bustle of a city with well over a million persons calling it home.   However I must point out that I’ve got a resident deer herd in my area that I’ve watched for years and in that time I’ve noticed they will eat about anything a human puts out there, well at least anything I put out there.  Yes, I know we’re not supposed to feed the animals, yes I know we’re not supposed to pet them, hold them, play with them etc and they are wild animals and I don’t suggest you do any of this next time in your in the field but let me tell it’s sure been fun seeing what my deer as I call them will eat.

Okay first off no doubt their favorites are fruit.  If I toss them grapes, apples, watermelon basically a brawl breaks out among them and I’ve got to have my cell phone ready to call 911 for backup.  Secondly, tortillas and bread they love them and chase them like little kids chasing balls at a playground when I toss them into the air.  In fact I think the locals at the grocery store think I’m nuts when I go buy several hundred tortillas but that’s their problem I’ve got mouths to feed.   Further down the list of top ten food my deer enjoy is potato chips they love them especially barbeque ones.   Just below that are are biscuits, pickles, lettuce as well as strawberry and chocolate pie (yes pie note the pictures).

Not to be forgotten is pizza, yes pizza they will eat around most of the meat to get the goods but I’ve got to say I’ve seen a few pepperonis disappear in the mix.     I will close this out by saying they do not like Jalpenos in any way shape or form which is okay I only like them in certain dishes anyhow so we’re not wasting much around the Middleton household there.  So while some of you may have dogs to clean up your scraps I leave it to my local deer population and their pretty appreciative best I can tell by the size of their belly and the sounds they make after eating my leftovers!

See you down the road, Wade