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Aug 9, 2011, 11:25 AM EDT

Traditions Pursuit Ultralight XLT

Traditions has added yet another quality muzzleloader to their lineup for this fall. This is a modern inline model, but weighs in at just under six pounds without a scope. Front loaders can get heavy, and here’s a chance for you to save your shoulder by carrying a lighter weight gun. I don’t know how the recoil will be. I’m sure you can keep the recoil down by not loading a magnum charge. Give it a try and let us all know what you think. - Brett

Old Saybrook, CT- Traditions™ Performance Firearms, who are known for their extremely accurate and dependable muzzleloaders, introduces their new Pursuit™ Ultralight XLT for the 2011 line-up. Traditions™ has combined all the best features of the popular and dependable Pursuit™ models with the innovative and award-winning Ultralight series into one outstanding gun.

Weighing in at only 5.9 pounds, the Pursuit™ Ultralight XLT features an Ultralight Chromoly tapered, fluted, ported barrel which makes it lighter and built to travel. Chromoly has long been recognized as the best barrel material for strength and accuracy among centerfire rifles and by incorporating it into their barrels, Traditions has raised the bar for modern muzzleloader performance and accuracy. The 28” barrel (which is 2” longer than the Pursuit™ Ultralight) is coated in Premium CeraKote Finish which is 50 times more resistant than stainless steel and protects against highly corrosive black powder, cleaning chemicals, and all forms of weather. The barrel comes equipped with the Speed Load System, allowing for easy loading and more consistent groups. The Pursuit™ Ultralight XLT also features the Accelerator Breech Plug™ which removes in three easy turns by hand, 360° barrel porting to reduce muzzle jump, and Soft Touch camo stocks that provide a comfortable, secure grip even with gloves on. Traditions™ has equipped the Pursuit™ Ultralight XLT with a Dual Safety System. This system incorporates two safeties; a trigger block safety and an internal hammer block safety, making it one of the safest muzzleloaders available. The MSRP for this gun ranges from $309 to $419 depending on the model. The Pursuit™ Ultralight XLT has combined the best features of two guns and created something that must be seen to be believed. Traditions™ invites you to feel the difference for yourself.