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Join Me On Anticosti Island

Aug 26, 2011, 1:01 AM EDT

NAH Dream Hunt-2

By Bill Miller

If you’ve read this blog for a hunting season or two, or if you’ve watched “North American Hunter” here on NBCSports, it’s no secret that my favorite place in the world to hunt big woods whitetails is Anticosti Island. This place is truly a remote, hunter’s paradise located off Quebec’s coast in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

I’ve hunted the Island with SEPAQ Outfitters 11 times before, and I’ll be going back for hunt Number 12 in December. I’m anticipating reliving wonderful winter hunts of years gone by and the Island hospitality I’ve enjoyed in the company of my friend and guide Gilles Dumaresque many times before. But this time there will be one big difference – you could be going with me! That is if you win North American Hunting Club’s Dream Hunt Giveaway!

Since the start of the 2011 North American Hunter-TV season on Versus back in May, we’ve been promoting this sweepstakes on-air in the show, but this is the first time we’ve announced this opportunity anywhere else. You’ve got until midnight on September 26 to enter, and the winner will be notified by September 30 because we’ve got to make travel plans and make sure to get you the right gear for the hunt!

Entering couldn’t be simpler. Just go to: and provide the required information. That’s it!

We’ll be taping for the 2012 North American Hunter-TV season during the trip, and depending on the conditions and how much snow the Island has received by then, we might even get the chance to hunt whitetails on the beach.  That’s another truly unique hunting opportunity Anticosti offers. I have never found it any other place, and believe me, I’ve looked!

The group will rendezvous in Sept Isle, Quebec for the charter flight out to the Island courtesy of Quebec Tourism.

Accommodations during the hunt will be in Port Menier on the west end of the island at the Auberge operated by SEPAQ Anticosti.  We’ll hunt out from town each day, but if deer movement is best on a distant hunting sector, there may be overnights in one of the SEPAQ remote lodges. Gilles always keeps a new trick up his sleeve for me each time we hunt together, and I’m sure this year will be no exception.

On the entry page, you can check out all of the details, rules and requirements as well. But the most important thing is come December we could be enjoying an Anticosti Island Dream Hunt together!