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Aimpoint Optics

Jan 31, 2012, 9:02 AM EDT


My friend and host of ‘Eye of the Hunter’ on NBC Sports, Tom Opre,  has always raved about Aimpoint red dot shooting sights, but I was a skeptic since I had always associated such sights for military and law enforcement applications.

Knowing my doubt, during the SHOT Show, Tom made it a point to have me experience the simulated shooting screen and hunting scenarios with Erik As, Aimpoint’s training manager.

This shooting screen mimicked true hunting scenarios with moose wandering across the screen, wild boar running away and towards you, and a brown bear walking across an opening -but don’t wound him or he’ll charge!

As each shooting situation took place I’d raise the rifle preparing to shoot, look the direction of my target with both eyes open, swing my rifle focusing on the heart/lung area, and take my shot. Once the shot was fired, Erik would then pause and the computer would analyze the shot with a special tracing mechanism, which would reveal how I swung my rifle.  Then he’d pull up the anatomy of the animal and find the bullet hole. The computer allowed Erik to teach me how to lead the rifle properly, position my body, and preparing me for the perfect shot. You see, the red dot in the center of the sight helps you pinpoint the vitals tapping into your instinct. Then all you do is squeeze the trigger and connect.

I was positively shocked and wish I had this optic, since there’s no magnification, for dangerous game. Also, Tom has taken shots up to 200 yards with the Aimpoint sight making it an optic you can rely on for various hunting adventures.

To sum it up, the name says it all: Aim. Point…  And you’ll kill!

Have you ever hunted with an Aimpoint? If so, I want your opinion.