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Learning from Professionals

Feb 21, 2012, 12:24 PM EDT


Part 1

I come from a family that did not hunt therefore all of my hunting knowledge is as a result of a collective gathering of great hunters –from Mongolian nomads, to African pygmies, to Kalahari bushmen, African trackers, and professional hunters from nearly every culture. Had it not been for these men (yep, that’s right; I have never been guided by or had field instruction by a woman), I wouldn’t be the huntress I am today. They’ve taught me how to track, stalk, still-hunt, shoot, anticipate, endure, keep a positive attitude, eat horrible food (and like it), wee in the bush, clean (both guns and carcasses), train and ultimately instilled in me their hunting method(s) of which I’ve applied to my own hunting style.

I have discarded some techniques and methods (because maybe it wasn’t successful, effective or ethical), but I have also implemented many hunting practices to further develop my own hunting skills. Because I am eager to learn and be the best hunter I can be I always pay very close attention.

Through the coming weeks I’m going to try to recall the lessons and principles I’ve learned and attempt to accurately reiterate them so you may further develop your own hunting style; in return I ask for you to give me your tips, as silly as they may sound, so I can be a better huntress… for instance, I had a man-friend tell me that he has his own stash of tampons so he can dip them in doe urine and hang them in trees to lure in bucks! Pretty darn clever!

Can you give me any tips big or small to help me become a better hunter?

  1. handgunhunter - Feb 21, 2012 at 2:41 PM

    Go with your gut, or woman’s intuition if you prefer. I don’t know how many times I’ve just had “that” feeling that I should be doing something differently in the woods, or should be on a different stand, or looking in some other direction and wound up making the right call by following my gut. This past deer season I was on a stand where I had seen a big 140 class 8pt two days earlier. With darkness only 45 minutes away, I left my stand and I moved to a different location about 300 yards away because something was telling me I needed to move. I killed that buck as he walked out of the thicket where he was bedded (he was headed away from where I had previously seen him).

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