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Trust, Commitment & Passion

Feb 28, 2012, 3:31 PM EDT


Learning from Professionals Part 2

Trust – The first time I learned ‘trust’ was in Zimbabwe on my first safari alongside my dad; we got into a herd of Cape buffalo and dad asked the professional hunter: “should Livy go back to the vehicle?” The PH declared: “the safest place for her is with me”.  Boy, wasn’t that the truth! Had one of those suckers peeled off while I walked to the landcruiser, I could’ve been gored.  Trust is also a critical element when it comes to navigation, anticipation of how a specie characteristically reacts, deadly animal encounters, judgment of distance and shots, effective hunting methods for the area and animal, and ultimately trust that the professional has your back.

Commitment/Devotion – There are times I just want to plop down, kick my feet and cry. In moments such as these, all you’ve gotta do is look around; your guide is doing it, your trackers are doing it and you’ve likely paid good money for this hunt. Even if you’re hunting solo and ready to quit think about how good it’ll feel to show your buddies that 190 class mule deer. Put positive thoughts in your head because they will allow you to continue your pursuit and bring you success –it may only be the feeling that you worked hard, but it may also be proof that the fruits of your labor paid off. Sure, professionals are being paid to do this, but rest assured that they also love what they do (and don’t get paid much, so you better tip him/her good!).

Passion/Love –To kill is to love wildlife… to have the ability to eloquently share what we hunters do to preserve wildlife requires both passion and knowledge. Without these two attributes, our hunting heritage will go by the wayside. After all, this is our greatest role as responsible hunters.

How do you get over the torments of hunting?

  1. kimberleygeraci - Mar 2, 2012 at 11:27 AM

    Perfectly stated! Actually, my love of and commitment to hunting grew out of “commitment” to my husband. Since he hunts year round for pleasure and as a part of his job, I decided 24 years ago, to join him. I knew I could “lose” him to mother nature(the other woman) or I could stretch myself and learn about his passion. Out of that “commitment” grew my “commitment” and desire to become knowledgable about guns, ammo, bows, arrows, and the list goes on. To this day, I have a respect for the power of the weapons we use and the animals we hunt. That respect grew out of fear. I was not raised around guns or animals so my fear of them was either going to stop me from pursuing something new or thrust me into the unknown. The latter is the path I chose and I am a better woman because of it. I have learned about wildlife management and their mannerisms, but most importantly, I have learned about me, my husband and our relationship. I trust him to be my guide. We make a great team in nature and are each other’s encouragement to pursue greater challenges and overcome the mundane. Life is what you make of it, and in my life, our relationship takes the torment out of the hunt!

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