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The State of Our Firearms

Jan 22, 2013, 2:21 AM EDT

The State of Our Outdoor Industry

I’ve just finished the Dallas Safari Club convention followed by The SHOT Show and I’m now attending the Safari Club International convention. This is the most important time of year for outfitters, firearm dealers, clothing manufacturers, optic providers, ammo companies, etc… and business seems to be doing very well!

Where I’m not surprised, I am in absolute awe with the response we’re seeing as a result of recent political action taking place in DC concerning our 2nd amendment. Guns, and every single accessory needed to operate, clean, carry, or accurately shoot a firearm, are selling at overwhelming numbers -some are even backordered for a couple of years (especially when it comes to modern sporting rifles).

Of course such sales are as a result of the great concern we American’s feel with the current administration’s agenda to further restrict our right to bear arms. The recent horrific shootings are about to change our laws and as shooters and hunters we must stand together. So maybe you don’t hunt with an AR; maybe you think they’re not necessary to possess, but reconsider your perspective -if you stand in agreement with those who wish to alter the 2nd amendment (to restrict they style of weapon we hunt with), you risk the chance of losing your rights to possess your firearms because you can bet they’re not going to stop with modern sporting rifles.

This wonderful demonstration of ‘standing together’ is taking place right now. Famous outdoor personalities and TV show stars are refusing to attend the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show because of new restrictions banning legal firearms to be offered/displayed at the show!

What say you? Should we ban the use of modern sporting rifles?