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The Status of Hunting In Africa

Jan 29, 2013, 1:00 AM EDT

The Status of Hunting in Africa

The Safari Club International convention just ended and there were a lot of developments in Africa .

Sadly Zambia’s hunting has closed. This isn’t because of an anti-hunting group, but instead corruption. It seems the wildlife department needed additional time to review the re-allocation of hunting blocks and quota, but I’m confident that Zambia will re-open in the next year or so. Until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Between the continuous efforts of the anti-hunters to close lion hunting, and Zambia closing, hunting these magnificent cats is now becoming something hunters feel a sense of urgency to hunt. You can hunt lion in Namibia and South Africa, but the majority of it is conducted under a high-fence. You can also hunt lion in Tanzania, but it’s extremely expensive (well-over $100,000). Mozambique, Cameroon, CAR & Benin has a huntable lion quota, but there aren’t many available and/or the mane is rarely luxurious. That said, Zimbabwe is an affordable place to hunt lion; recently the Matetsi hunting area re-opened lion hunting (after being closed for six years) with several very mature male lion on quota. It’ll still cost a pretty penny to hunt lion in Zimbabwe (roughly $80,000), but not as expensive as Tanzania.

Such developments will also impact elephant hunting. You can hunt elephant in Namibia, South Africa and Cameroon, but quota is very limited. Tanzania’s elephant numbers aren’t very good due to poaching (unless you’re in the right hunting block) and when you do hunt elephant in Tanzania, it’ll be extremely expensive. You can’t export elephant from Mozambique, and Botswana and Zambia are closed, so that again leaves us with Zimbabwe where hunts range anywhere from $10,000 – $50,000.

I’m sad about this news, but hopeful that new areas will open up and that soon we’ll get Zambia back. If you’re interested in hunting elephant or lion (or anything else), please contact me at Jack Brittingham’s World of Hunting Adventure and I’ll help align you with the right outfitter.

  1. biverman - Dec 19, 2013 at 10:55 AM

    Why on earth does NBC give this stupid woman any air time at all, particularly in light of this article. She spouts a lot of nonsense about conservation. Meanwhile, she goes on to say that ‘Mozambique, Cameroon, CAR & Benin has a huntable lion quota, but there aren’t many available and/or the mane is rarely luxurious’ does that sound like someone who has conservation as a priority? And she defended Melissa Bachman by saying her hunt was ‘legal’ but here she is saying that Zambia closed for hunting because of corruption. So, what does legal really mean when an entire country’s hunting industry is so corrupt it has to be closed? She’s a liar and a hypocrite.

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