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Creating Division Publicly Part 2

Oct 8, 2013, 1:00 AM EDT


Last week I blogged about a Fox News Interview with Brian Murphy, CEO of the Quality Deer Management Association and his position on captive deer breeding; “[The deer] staggers around under the weight of those antlers.” and claims such hunters follow “a code of ethics that is beyond reproach,”. He further tells Fox News that “Most hunters find a great disdain in a known outcome,” and “That is not hunting. There has to be a high degree of not being successful. The deer has to have a fair chance to escape.” From my perspective his words divided hunters and QDMA is leaning more towards an anti-hunting approach since they’re attempting to control/end our hunting rights.

I decided to do a little more digging and referenced QDMA’s own website where they ask hunters to contact “elected officials and urge them to oppose legislation initiated by the deer breeding industry that would enable introduction of captive deer breeding operations or expansion of these practices within those states.”

QDMA feels that breeding whitetail deer “could threaten North America’s wild whitetail deer and the deer-hunting heritage”. From my perspective, in many states across the US, there is an over-abundance of wild whitetail deer. Furthermore, larger antlers always get a hunters blood pumping; introducing new genetics to their herds and/or planting special food plots to encourage larger antler growth will only excite hunters to get out and hunt… not “threaten the deer hunting heritage”!

To help their case QDMA uses to concern of spreading disease to create fear in people, but they go onto admit “there has yet to be conclusive evidence related to transmission of chronic wasting disease (CWD) from captive to wild deer”.

QDMA wants hunters to come to a resolution, contact our elected officials and encourage opposition to deer breeding legislation. If QDMA gets their way, hunters will argue, divide and ultimately the anti’s will share in another victory.

What do you think of their efforts to end captive deer breeding?

  1. Alwyn Ladell - Oct 14, 2013 at 6:06 PM

    That’s ridiculous, especially with the reintroduction of wolves and cougars and their protection. Does the QDMA also wish to end (“captive”) deer farming? Breeding whitetail deer has nothing to do with Monsanto or GM deer, and we are not going to see multi-headed deer bred to make more hat racks, wall art or candelabra!

    Every year I’m involved with the raising of thousands of pheasants and partirdges in open pens which go out into the wild. They can fly back in at night for a free feed and in an area fenced off from foxes and they can fly out at any time. On shoot days they are actively evicted into the wild. Some are shot, others help replenish the native stock. It’s the same concept and it’s been done for generations.

    Breeding wild or game animals offers more opportunity, not less, to treat any disease that may occur but – as such animals are less likely to be malnourished – they will be less prone to disease. I have to wonder if the QDMA is scaremongering to bolster its stance.

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