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Why The Anti’s HATE Women Hunters

Nov 26, 2013, 1:00 AM EDT

Nalos Bison Idaho

With the recent anti-hunter attack on Melissa Bachman for killing a lion, I’ve noticed several folks pointing out how many men had also killed lion, but did not endure the threats and hateful remarks. They go on to point out that because she is a beautiful woman she has been targeted -and I can explain why.

We seemingly-helpless-little-creatures of women are so unbelievably powerful; intertwining femininity and hard-core determination makes us exceptional advocates for protecting the right to hunt. The anti-hunters hate us; we are supposed to be mothers and nurturers and teachers –not “killers of bambi”! In their eyes, a hunter is supposed to look like ‘Elmer Fudd’ not ‘Donna Reed’ and they know that we capture the attention of those who sit on the fence about hunting.

Tune into NBC Sports or any other outdoor TV network and you’ll see women showcasing their abilities to hunt. Open up any hunting magazine and you’ll read of another lady who has worked hard to take a great animal. We are the fastest growing segment in the hunting industry today and a huge threat to the efforts of the antis.

Like many women I know, I consider it my God-given talent to educate and influence a person to appreciate the role of a hunter and I will never shy away from questions that lead to the uncomfortable discussion about hunting. When traveling someone will always ask “where are you going” to which I’ll happily respond “hunting in Africa”. The look on their face is of absolute shock which intrigues them allowing me to continue my discussion. I always slip into the conversation that “it’s not just about the hunt, but the entire experience and that the best part is sharing in nature’s bounty.” Obviously they’ll ask more questions, allowing me to speak freely, and one more person is educated.

Why do you think the anti’s target women hunters?

  1. davidlbrownauthor - Nov 26, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    One of the main reasons the anti’s are afraid of women hunters is women are smart and logical. Although like the rest of us their emotion can rule on occasion, logic and intelligence will win out every time when the correct information is available. By the way it this same intelligence and the ability to use logic that make women deadly hunters. They have few preconceived notions and are able to take instruction better thereby learning quicker than most men and when they commit to a task it gets accomplished. If someone is intelligent and logical the anti’s have no leg to stand on and they know it.
    You are exactly right in saying education is the key. Though said lesson must encompass two very important things, the first being usable and verifiable facts. State the fact, why it is relevant and where you got the information. Then go one step further and suggest they not believe you if they like, and verify the facts themselves. In doing so they will come across more correct information and further your cause even more. It is not good enough to say that sportsmen and women raise millions of dollars each year for wildlife improvement through a self-imposed tax. You should include it was the Pittman Robertson act of 1937 and its history. Each year thousands of acres of prairie potholes and wetlands are saved from devolvement and their duck raising potential increased by Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl and others. Use their websites for information. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Turkey Federation and many others are good sources of information. Whatever your hunting passion get educated.
    The second item is present the facts in a calm and unemotional way. Once a voice is raised and the yelling starts your credibility is lost. It is ok to let your passion show through but show it by being prepared and having the facts, and a calm and logical delivery method.
    Hunting is my passion and I love to educate people and watch the light bulb come on so to speak. I have made a few very good hunting buddies over the years by simply offering the facts and letting the obvious conclusion win out. Just my two cents worth

    • taichi37taichi37 - Dec 22, 2013 at 7:35 AM

      I’m so fed up with the pathetic “you’re just picking on the women” bullshit from the pro-hunting crowd. Bachman, Opre, Arthurs and all the other “Extreme Huntress” bimbos, are products. They sell themselves in the media and they use their sex as the main selling point. They have made themselves the main target. If some fat arsehole guy with a gun can get more media coverage than the tits in a singlet with a hunting rifle, then he will be the main target. These stupid twats make a living by drawing attention to themselves. They do it well. Now they’ve found that the spotlight can have it’s downside too. No sympathy at all.

  2. joesmom - Nov 27, 2013 at 2:54 PM

    It has nothing to do with whether a hunter is a man or a woman. The issue is killing for fun. Melissa Bachman and those like her (Tony Makris for one), don’t care about nature. They don’t care about the animal. They only want a trophy and they kill over and over, taking part in horrible canned hunts that only benefit poachers (how do you think those ranches get those “legal” lions anyway?), and they gloat over the murder of endangered animals. Champagne toasts over a dead elephant? The outcry is furious because most see these actions for what they are. No real hunter goes out in full make-up, tight clothing, jewelry. What real hunter goes bow hunting in bikini’s unless they are only looking for the attention it brings them? Kill it, and eat it. Otherwise respect the animal. Respect nature, and stop trophy killing. Shame on you NBC. Marlin Perkins must be spinning in his grave!

  3. boatwrecking - Dec 4, 2013 at 12:21 PM

    Most male public figures do not tweet pictures like she did. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT SHE WAS A WOMAN! Stop posting such garbage!

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