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How To Respond To The Anti Hunters

Jan 14, 2014, 1:00 AM EDT

How To Respond To The Anti's

Drive down the road in any big city and you’ll inevitably see a ‘coexist’ bumper sticker. The idea to ‘coexist’ is a lovely idea, but not realistic in a world where anyone can get on a computer and voice their opinions, make violent threats and use social media as a platform to declare their personally assumed supremacy. Instead, agree to disagree.

I’m rather passionate about my beliefs in how hunters play a critical role in wildlife conservation and remain excited to discuss this with someone who’s willing to have a normal discussion. But there’s no point in trying to shed light on this controversial topic with an anti-hunter as they feel just as strongly as we do about their position. They’ll never change your mind about hunting, so know that you will never sway them.

Instead of wasting your time with anti’s, focus on the person who sits on the fence about hunting. He’s eager to learn why hunting ultimately helps wildlife conservation. Additionally, it’s critical to stand by your fellow hunters because each hunter (archery, trophy, rifle, meat hunter) is important and plays a significant role. Division ultimately destroys us.

The use of profanities or making violent threats only makes a person look foolish and the anti’s can’t seem to contain themselves. Such antics don’t help their cause whatsoever, but instead ours as belligerence shows ignorance.

Sadly, countless journalists don’t fully report our perspective. Time and time again the interview is twisted and I’ve found that trusting such reporters can be a recipe for disaster. I’ve signed contracts where I get to approve the words of an article only to later find it printed with lies, hatred and obvious one-sidedness against hunters. Where my priority is to get the voice of the hunter heard, it’s not worth it to see nothing but outright lies come out of an interview -true journalism is becoming a lost art so don’t waste your time. Should you feel compelled to partake in an interview, seek advice from your local hunting organization(s) first.

Ultimately, we must stand together, provide factual information and refrain from reacting/responding to anti hunters. How have you dealt with anti hunters?

  1. ponderosaman - Jan 14, 2014 at 1:55 AM

    Hi Livy, it is clear from your blog that you respect the game so I am Not talking about you when I say: I think those of us who make fun of our quarry and that don’t follow the rules do more harm than the anti-hunters. Antis don’t know better. Slobs ought to know better.

  2. joesmom - Jan 19, 2014 at 10:59 AM

    There are hunters out there (you included) who kill more than they should, who don’t eat what they kill, who brag about the kill, stand over it like a god, who stick stick beer cans in mouths of lions, bears, etc. and take funny pics. How do you talk to anti-hunters? SHOW RESPECT FOR NATURE! Most of us get our nature fixes by hiking and camping, taking photographs and spending time just watching animals. You folks don’t have fun unless you are killing something. Until you can explain why you can’t enjoy nature unless blood is involved, the anti-crowd will continue to give you grief.

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