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I Am A Trophy Hunter

Jan 28, 2014, 1:00 AM EDT

I Am A Trophy Hunter

So what’s the big deal if I’m a trophy hunter? What’s wrong with selecting the oldest and biggest male and hunting him ethically ensuring that, if success comes, he is utilized for his meat, hide and horn?

Because wildlife was thought to be vanishing in the early 1900’s, scoring systems were implemented as a way to track the success of conservation programs put into effect. Bison numbers were down to just a few hundred and whitetail and pronghorn were also near extinction. As a result of diminishing wildlife, William T. Hornaday established the National Collection of Heads and Horns at the Bronx Zoo dedicated to “…the vanishing big-game animals of the world.”

Reflecting on what was thought to be ‘vanishing’, it’s obvious that the efforts of conservation and game management have restored wildlife to now overwhelming numbers. What’s more, in most cases, we’re seeing that wildlife are growing stronger and displaying larger horns/antlers. To me, this is exciting –a certain ‘I told you so’ to the anti’s who think we’re nothing but a bunch of trophy hungry murderers of innocent wildlife!

I personally score and record every single one of my trophies because I understand the importance of record keeping, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is so much to a hunt; the preparation, walking for days in the heat or cold, climbing mountains, nearly killing yourself on a cliff edge, the bad shot you made before, the sleepless nights, tireless days and the list goes on. But these memories will be permanently etched in your mind; love your trophy for the experience and remember that it’s not about the number.

What are your thoughts on the record scoring systems?

  1. davecoburn - Jan 29, 2014 at 2:17 AM

    Here we go again! Overwhelming numbers? I guess you will continuee to attempt to justify your actions in any way possible. The term ‘endangered species’ is obviously of no importance to you. Perhaps a few species have recovered from previous slaughters whilst other species are on the decline and in Africa, the numbers are certainly not overwhelming. This information would be readily made available from reputable and true conservationists. The likes of Sir David Attenborough, Kuki Gallman from Kenya (incidentally, Knowlton has ignored her requests to meet and discuss the recent Namibian rhino auction), Gareth Patterson etc, etc. Strange how the trophy hunters still attempt to feed the majority of the world the same old boring information to protect their own interests. The trophy hunters also seem to miss the point that anti trophy hunters argue. Most anti trophy hunters are reasonably comfortable with sustainable conservation and subsistence hunting. Whenever the point is made that if these trophy hunters were in fact such huge conservationists, why not donate millions in currency to the relevant organizations with removing a trophy for self satisfaction. This falls on deaf ears as the it is all about the trophy and also the need to show no respect to the animal that has been killed by posing with cheesy smiles in order to capture a killing for the sake of bragging rights. Huntress Livy, posing with a lion and using his tail as some pretend powder-puff. Respect at its highest in your mind I guess! Researching taxidery is also very interesting! The trophy you are so hell bent on obtaining is no longer an animal. It is an expanded foam replica, airbrushed, has glass bead eyes and is cured to prevent nature from further destruction of the skin etc. It is lifeless and emotionless, hardly an animal! As a minority group of the worlds inhabitants, throwing the same old views at us is only a joke. Here’s a novel plan for the villages you feed in abundance, the large sums of money you spend would be better spent on staple diets for the relevant groups. Donate money to vetenarians and worthwhile organisations to deal with the old angry animals you feel, don’t deserve the right to life. Nature has it’s ways of dealing with every ecosystem and although you feel that you need to step in to take over that role, it is already in the grand plan. The majority of the world would be far more comfortable with the extinction of whichever species due to natural causes without having to be subjected to ridiculous photo images of the likes of you showing the animals NO RESPECT whatsoever. One last point, you are not the only person in the world that hikes, spends hot ad cold days in the wild, has close shaves on cliffs etc. Many of us do all of those things as recreation without the need to kill. After all, it may be difficult terrain, but how difficult is it to squeeze a trigger and kill something that is standing nearby! You are not a hero for being a little tired in the wild, you are a disgrace to the younger generation who are busy spreading your powder-puff pics amongst them. A group of kids was shown your pic in which your disrespect is evident – their comments were quite disturbing to say the least. Huntress Livy, in our real world your rambling comments come from a former pagent winner not a conservationist, you are a poor writer and your actions will go down in the history records in the distant future as another contribution to a massive mistake in the making. Let’s be honest, mankind’s track record on this planet has not been squeaky clean over time, has it. You keep slaughtering and disrespecting living creatures and we will continue to gather research and documentation to submit to governments etc. I have a lifetime like millions of other people, including their kids to fight for the rights of the living species that share our planet, ensuring that future generations don’t look back at us with disgust. I hope you get great pleasure out of your expanded foam, glass-eyed, airbrushed ornaments that have a treated skin stretched over them and have had their lives taken from them involuntarily! I also hope you grow a set and stop whining about how difficult it is to be in the outdoors or perhaps stick to powder-puff sales and pagents! You are part of a dying breed yourself, perhaps not in your lifetime but the day will come when the natural world will be left to function as nature intended without your constant interference and ill-illusion that you are a conservationist!

  2. taichi37taichi37 - Jan 29, 2014 at 5:24 PM

    “What’s wrong with selecting the oldest and biggest male and hunting him ethically ensuring that, if success comes, he is utilized for his meat, hide and horn?”

    Contrast this statement with that now well-known picture of you laying down on the body of a lion you just shot and using it’s tail as a powder-puff.

    Maybe you can justify that with another of your cute little quotes from the Bible.

  3. silviawadhwa - Feb 3, 2014 at 10:24 AM

    This whole article is just – to put it mildly – a lotta BS!

    Hunting (as in population management and food procurement) is ONE THING, trophy hunting quite another .

    In a properly managed forest, savanna, ecosystem numbers, age, health of every species in the area are careful recorded and THEN the necessary kill quotas decided. No forester-conservationist would ever take HE BIGGEST STRONGEST make (the one with the big antlers, mane, tusks) out of his herd, pack, pride. Because he is clearly THE BEST one to pass on his genes.

    That’s precisely where the danger of trophy hunting lies. By taking out the strongest, biggest, healthiest of each species the human predator has begun to push revolution in reverse for many species (see link). There are regions in Africa where as much as 80% of the elephants are born tuskless now. Why? Because due to persistent trophy hunting and poaching for the biggest, strongest bulls with the biggest tusks …. Suddenly “survival of the fittest” has been turned into “survival of the smallest and the tuskless”.

    That is a perversion of the evolutionary principle. Suddenly it’s not the strongest, the biggest, the healthiest that have the biggest survival chances, but the ugliest, the weakest, the smallest. THAT’S why a trophy hunting has done to many species on this planet. great job, Ms. Trophy Hunter! …. I sure hope you’re not stupid enough to believe your own propaganda.

  4. taichi37taichi37 - Feb 6, 2014 at 9:11 PM

    I want to know where the film footage of your lion hunt is.
    Olivia, Mindy Arthurs, and Melissa Bachman make their living through publicising their hunts. You can’t tell me they didn’t film them.
    Plenty of photos of them leering over the corpses of lions, but no film footage?
    Why don’t you want us to see it? Why not let us see the brave “extreme huntress” taking on the savage lion? Why don’t you want anyone to see what that hunt was really like?

  5. joesmom - Feb 11, 2014 at 1:24 PM

    There are no videos of the actual hunts because they were canned. . .i.e., animals shot in pens, usually from the back of a truck or jeep, right Livy? Why don’t you tell us about your glorious “hunts” of tame animals. The world would love to hear about it.

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